DSC_0139My shy boy started Kindergarten today. He likes to say he’s shy, but after a few minutes and a couple of strategically placed questions or jokes that smirk starts showing.

DSC_0132He was pretty stoic when we got to school, he didn’t really want to hug us or sit down in the line. Eventually he did. Along with hundreds of other children. 🙂

DSC_0121The day passed. And he was fine. When I picked him up he was all smiles and started talking my ear off about meeting a couple new friends, eating all his lunch, the playground, no nap time, how his teacher was VERY nice and that they read the same book we read to him the night before. Also something about how he and new friend were playing “Paw Patrol” (a Nickelodeon cartoon) on the playground but all his new friend wanted to do was slide and not really follow Miles’ rules. Come on, playground kid!

  DSC_0130 I know it could have been a very different day. He’s not always going to have a good day. He got to pick out his clothes today: a new polo- black and blue, with brown shorts and his almost nearly holey shoes. He may not have a good day one day soon cause his momma might make wear matching clothes with shoes that haven’t been dragged on the pavement for months.

DSC_0134I missed this face today. But you know what? I got a heck of a lot of stuff done. I told him what Clementine and I did all the time he was gone and he said, “I’m glad I didn’t have to go to the store with you. I’m glad I was at school!”

You know what I’m glad about?

I’m glad I got some errands done and dusted vacuumed my house after a couple months of neglecting that chore. (At least the 1st floor. Of my super huge house. Note the sarcasm;-) I’m glad Clemmie sat and watched Tinkerbell while I got a few work emails sent out. I’m glad I got to drink a whole hot cup of coffee. Did I mention it was hot? I’m glad I got the plants watered. Before we got rain tonight. 🙂 Go figure. Hey, I stayed pretty sane for most of the day, so I’d say it was a productive day!

I’m glad I got to take my boy and the little red-head out to McDonald’s for an ice cream cone to celebrate and talk more about the first day of school. My Miles experiencing an educational milestone. See what I did there? Then he had to poop. Badly. I said “Hold it,” cause I didn’t want him going in McDonald’s. There’s some reality for you.

DSC_0126You know what I’m really glad about?

I’m glad I get to be his mom so I can hug him through the bad days and cheer him on through the good ones. Even when he’s embarrassed of me and wants me to park down the street when dropping him off somewhere:)DSC_0129