I’ve lived in Ashland all my life, and while some flee from this small town life right after high school, I have stayed. Possibly moving away a hand full of times, but it was never to be:) I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel a great deal and move away for art school for 9 months in 2004, so I’m thankful I’ve seen quite a bit of the USA and a little of Europe for being a youngen’. 🙂

I am the oldest daughter of 3 girls, and graduated Ashland High School in 2002. I attended Ashland University, with my Junior year at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and graduated AU in 2006. That same summer I married my exact opposite and perfect match, a boy from the Shenandoah Valley named Jason. We worked and bought a house and adopted dogs and went on summer vacations. In 2008 we decided our family of two should be bigger, so we started a family of three. In June of 2009, we brought Miles into the world. I quit my graphic design job, and continued to freelance from home, while raising our little June bug. I started working at my high school and college job again in AU’s catering department, and also started babysitting. These three things don’t make up for my full time salary job, but it is worth it being able to stay home with Miles. I was able to nurse him for a year, put him in cloth diapers part of the time and have amazing quality time with him. He is becoming an wonderful toddler, with a distinct personality of his own. This past July we found out that Miles would be a big brother! So, expanding once again, and relying on God’s provision, we welcomed Clementine LaRue into the world on leap day, and I got to celebrate my birthday the very next day with a new baby. I was born on a leap year and missed leap day by 10 hours! I feel like we have a special bond because of our birthdays being hours apart.

I have much more I want to do with my life, and plan to be the best mom I can be while still using the talents and gifts given to me. I would like to be more skilled at those things, but being a mom is more important right now. There will be a time for me to pursue more later on. Until then,  the on going interests I have remain: painting, music, genealogy, photography, writing, acting, movies, video editing, gardening, cooking, decorating, traveling and laughing. And staying out of the sun when I can help it:)




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