The Tornado Watch Leap Day Baby

Four years, eight months and six days ago I delivered a child that today would tell me “Mom, these pancakes are awful. Can you make good pancakes next time?” Which is weird because I make the same kind of pancake every time I decide I will offer my children something more than a banana and a fruit bar for breakfast. The honesty of children. I’ll accept it for now, but made sure to tell him his comments were rude. Normally I’m spoiled because even if it’s the simplest of meals, my thoughtful Miles will usually say, “MMM Mommy this is DELICIOUS! This is the best thing I ever had!” He especially likes the Spagettios I pry from an aluminum can.

Two years ago, somewhere in between today and tomorrow, a big little leap day baby came into our lives during a tornado watch and low 50s temps. “The Winter That Wasn’t” is what some called it- big contrast to this year’s winter! So, you see, fellow Ohioans, this winter is just making up for the past two very mild winters. I have a sneaking suspicion we will be even more appreciative of the spring that is just around the corner. Anyhow, that little tornado that was born was a little red-head named Clementine and we went from looking like this:420245_10100212133475218_1302917321_n 424877_10100232983187228_909202118_n

to this:sdc10596And then she wrapped her daddy around her little finger,

423224_10100242590359378_99649995_nand we fell in love with the little chunker.


1017686_10100898244203818_114676218_n 62405_10100909434972428_1053733356_nHappy Birthday, Clementine LaRue! God gave us a wonderful gift in you!





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