Things I Tell My Kids

  • Put the baby Jesus down!
  • Um, mommies have those so they can feed their babies.
  • Get that shoe out of your mouth!! (Most likely it was after we had been in a public restroom. They do it just to spite me.)
  • Pull your pants down before you pee!
  • Stop licking your brother’s face!
  • No, gummi worms are not part of a balanced breakfast.
  • Do you want someone to come take mommy to the nut house? Because I am this close…
  • She doesn’t have a wiener, she’s a girl.
  • Stop running with scissors!
  • No, germs don’t have eyes and a mouth and sing and play guitar.
  • Ask your dad.
  • Where you born in a barn?
  • Because I said so.
  • Stop throwing crayons down the register!
  • We’ll see.
  • You can do it, you’re a big boy.
  • Stop throwing your food on the floor!
  • Go to your room.
  • No more questions!
  • Eat over your plate!
  • I need a hug.
  • Yes, I want to keep you forever.
  • You are my sweet girl.
  • You are my sweet boy.
  • I love watching you draw!
  • I am so proud of you!
  • You are so great at writing your letters!
  • What a wonderful smile!
  • That is a beautiful picture.
  • You are so smart.
  • I’m so glad to be your mommy.

Sometimes I don’t realize all that I say to my kids in a day. A lot of it didn’t make the list- a lot of it is probably not very nice. Hurtful. A reaction to an expectation set and missed by a child under the age of 5. I love when I’m the mom that says the things toward the end of the list more often. That is the goal. Everyday. Meaningful, lovely words for my kids. The things at the beginning just make me laugh and the things in the middle I swore “when I have kids” I’d never say. Wrong!

Moment of truth: What things do you tell your kids? Are there things you would like to or need to tell them? Things that you should stop telling them?

We make jokes about it but the line from The Help when Viola Davis’ character tells the little girl she is kind, she is smart, she is important- THAT was being a wonderful mother to that girl. THAT was being Jesus to that little girl. All kids deserve those words- heartfelt and meant for them. All you kids-at-heart deserve those words to. I hope you spend your Thursday knowing you are important.


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