Superstitions and Transitions

Aw, a Mourning Dove on the walk in front of my house! When that bird is roaming my yard, I always smile.

This time, however, as soon as I looked at it, it decided to drop a Mourning Dove poop on that walk in front of my house. Gee, thanks Mourning Dove.

So how are you supposed to read into the personal symbol of God’s provision for you when that symbol takes a dump on your property? I don’t know. I think birds just need to get the waste out of their bodies like we do. 🙂

But then on our way someplace a black cat ran in front of us on the road.

And then the next day Jason and I were chatting in our bedroom when the full length mirror directly behind him decided to fall forward, crack him on the head and shatter at the bottom. What is that, 7 years? It’s interesting what humans consider bad luck over the course of our existence. Apparently Jason is married to an “unlucky” woman according to these:

  • In ancient Egypt, red hair was seen as so unlucky, red-haired girls were burned alive.
  • In medieval Europe, the infamous witch-hunting manual, Malleus Maleficarum, instructed that red hair and green eyes were marks of a witch, as were freckles, which redheads tend to have aplenty.
  • Also red headed women were historically seen as bad luck on ships and in mines.

Well, okay. Cancel my cruise and my mining tour.

BUT- in Denmark, it is a high honor to have a redheaded child. Check! It is said that while in Poland, if you pass three red-heads you’ll win the state lottery. So there you go.

Billy Zane, Titanic.

Billy Zane, Titanic.

During a time of year when people have fun with superstitions and folklore, there’s also a lot of transition happening it seems like, that has nothing to do with luck. Or bad luck. Our government can’t compromise well with each other, so we’re in shutdown mode. Our town is on the brink of an important mayoral election. Our church is in transition. Our home is in constant transition. And through it all I can’t help but think some really great things are ahead for each of those worlds. There is a freedom that comes with letting go of the world’s superstitions and seeing yourself in a story that is bigger and more powerful than you could imagine. Taking those setbacks, those “unlucky” situations and being stronger than the world expects you to be. I have found that in my life, when I’ve been the most broken, is when I’ve been the most reliant on Christ. And He is far more dependable than any person- or any rabbit’s foot for that matter.

2 thoughts on “Superstitions and Transitions

    • allisonraebarnhart says:

      Sabrina, thank you- we think of you often as well! You have been a blessing to us:) I read your comment again just today after not writing a post in quite awhile and wanted to thank you for your prayers- I have seen so many blessings this year for our family. So unexpected, but life giving! Some sad things, but ones that are making us grow closer to each other and the Lord. What a gift!

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