Back to School For the Boys

When ever I hear the phrase “Back to School” I think of two things.

1.) Adam Sandler singing “Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that I’m not a fool, back…to…schooooollll….” and 2.) School supplies: Wonderfully blank notebooks, Lisa Frank folders, the smell of a new box of crayons and concerningly sharp No. 2 pencils.

This fall I get to send two boys off to school. One to get his pre-school degree and one for his doctorate. Yes, my babies are growing up. We got Jason some new shoes, new corduroys for when the weather turns chilly and some safety scissors. I reminded him to share the healthy food in his packed lunches, and not to sniff the Elmer’s glue or chew on the erasers I got him to put in his Jurassic Park back pack and matching plastic pencil box. Sigh. They grow up so fast.

Oh, but Miles, yes, the four year old- he will be going three days a week for a few hours in the morning each week to pre-school. I think Kindergarten will be tough for me, but I’m okay with pre-school. He needs another outlet besides me to ask questions to, get lots of attention and burn some energy. I’m excited for him!

Jason is, in fact, starting school again this fall. In Ashland. At the Seminary. Decided to still pursue the Doctorate, it will just be the DMin-kind. What’s great about it? Everything. Well, with Jason’s new job it is the best fit to aid him in what he’s doing there and it’s mostly reading/writing/research from home. He has a full ride scholarship. We don’t have to move. We get to defer his under-grad loans. I think it’s safe to say this fall marks the start of a new phase in Barnhart-land. The two year waiting period has strengthened us on many levels and the timing for much of what is going on in our lives now is perfect. Praise the Lord! On top of that we were finally able to refinance our house after almost two years of asking about it. I have had some solid design work come my way. Since we aren’t moving, we worked early and hard on our yard and porch this spring. It has made a huge difference because we have already enjoyed the fruit of that labor countless times and being outside more has been spirit-lifting. Again, we praise the Lord!

ASYCcollage copyThe summer has been busy with reunions for the children’s chorus I was in for 8 years, the Ashland Symphonic Youth Chorus and a reunion for my dad’s 1980’s cover band, CenterLine in which I got to play the keyboards with them for the performance and benefit at Mitchell’s Orchard for the Wounded Warriors Project. Two very different genres of music, but both so much fun and reminded me of my great love for music. I am so thankful that I was exposed to so much different music growing up. Both reunions seriously filled me with so much joy; I loved every minute of those events. centerlinecollage2 centerlinecollage

As summer comes to a close, I hope everyone had an enjoyable one and I hope you are getting ready for our long Ohio hibernation. I’m one of those weird people that actually don’t mind Ohio winters. Makes me appreciate the 2 week spring we have, summer and you know that 2 week period of colorful leaves we get called “Fall” so much more!

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