Waiting With Kandinsky, cont.

Continued from here.

“It’s Melissa at the Cleveland Clinic. It’s working! How far are you, can you turn around and come back?!”

“Um, ” I look at Jason who seems to know what’s going on and nods “Yes- I’ll be there. Thank you.”

So turning around we went. This time Mr.Freeman just dropped Miss Ali off at the door and told me to text him when I was done. I pushed my way through the revolving door and up the elevator to the 3rd floor and into the Dermatology/Plastic Surgery area like I owned the place. The ladies up front let the nurses know I was back and I walked over to the wall of windows that framed a really nasty looking sky. A TV nearby showed what we were in for. “Allison?” I was back in the sterile Kandisky room, my plastic water cup still there and still empty where I left it.

“I called the machine service company and talked to someone, hung up and tried the machine again- and it all turned on!” God must have heard my cry. and wanted me to un-invite myself to the pity party I was throwing. They even gave me a fake boob to hold. They have those there. It worked better than digging my nails into my palms/ The laser wasn’t bad. Little pin pricks- stinging but the injection was so much worse. I guess it was slightly less painful because the medicine had lidocaine in it and had numbed the area slightly. Then it was over. Now, a successful treatment had finished up. It had been an emotionally draining time but now I could look forward to the coffee that was still hot in the car waiting for me. People were staring out the wall o’ windows- signs were bending and trees were in distress.

I rushed to the elevators, not wanting to get stuck in the building with my husband out in our car if a tornado were to form. Of course it slows down for the 2nd floor, a lady gets on. Door takes forever to shut. Down we go again. I let her go first, then rush around the congregation of elderly people basically blocking the exit. I hop in the revolving door with a man and suddenly comes to a halt. Leaving about a foot and a half of space to the outside only. I didn’t want to be stuck in there that’s for sure so I’m thankful for that gap! We both got out quickly and I ran to the car, wind whipping my hair around my face and still blowing metal signs till they creaked and scraped.

We drove through all the wind and the rain, hearing the updates on the radio and seeing the Facebook updates on my phone. Then I had to go to the bathroom. I mean I downed my coffee and had drank water in the clinic- and rivers a plenty were flowing all around me. Waterfalls. Rain. Drip drop showers. All the things you try to avoid hearing and seeing when you have to pee. Then we get stuck behind traffic waiting on a train to pass. Great. So now my bladder is going to burst during a huge thunderstorm, and there is a train making train noises in a tornado watch area. How am I supposed to know if that sound is just the train or not!? Back to my conundrum. It was too awful outside to stop anywhere, so I got an idea. I spy an empty coffee cup.




Feeling much relief, I was just thankful we made it back to the kids in one piece who were also in one piece. Just asking a lot more questions about tornados than usual. And the small rivers flowing in our basement didn’t bother me as much after seeing the whole moats surrounding houses and fields of blown over and drowned crops as we made our way through southern Medina County. What better way to end the day than packing everyone up and eating at Pizza Hut. Then going to bed at 8- everyone. Then I couldn’t sleep so I came down here, ate an ice cream cone, watched The Wonder Years and typed up this little gem. I hope you enjoyed the all-too-detailed, not-that-exciting account of the first day of what I hope to be a journey of healing this scar that’s caused me a lot of grief.


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