A Year Ago


A year ago I was anxiously awaiting a second baby. I would be lying if I said the only reason I was anxious was because I couldn’t wait to meet a precious little girl that would make our family of three into four. She was going to be big. I just knew it. They couldn’t believe how “huge” her belly was in the ultrasound. She was already measuring 7 lbs. But those calculations aren’t very accurate. Sometimes they are on the small side. And so, a month and a half later, I had a 9lb 6 oz redheaded baby girl who I think rode her tricycle out. At least that’s what it felt like. It’s a good thing she brightens our day everyday- I think it’s safe to throw out the receipt.

A year ago we were preparing for a move. Somewhere- we didn’t know which school Jason would be accepted to. At that time we were also waiting patiently and sometimes impatiently for an acceptance letter. I was babysitting and doing occasional freelance design work, but mostly preparing myself to say goodbye to friends and family. The ongoing simplifying in order to pack only necessities wasn’t anything new- we had started back in 2010 when we were preparing to move that following year as well, but there were still things to cut out and get ride of. Plus, I think I was nesting.

A year ago our house was on the market. For the second attempt. A perfect time to try to sell a house quickly that you still owe too much on. (Hold up your sarcasm umbrella.)

A year ago Jason had a job he had been in for 7 years and it was soon coming to an end because of our schooling and relocating plans.

A year ago we were taking down our Christmas decorations and our tree and I was mourning the thought of it being our last Christmas in the only house we’ve been a family in. Uh…just like the previous Christmas when I was doing the same thing.

Now that the trajection of our lives is going a very different way and we never had to say goodbye after all, we finally feel settled in our house that we’ve been in for 6-1/2 years.

Now Jason has a new job that had been a huge blessing to us in many different ways.

Now we don’t have to worry about the housing market for a while. We are trying to do minor repairs and extras to our 93 year old house to update it. In the next year or so we hope to get the bedrooms re-carpeted and our porch redone. We’ll probably tackle a new toilet, new gutters and maybe give Miles room a big-boy make over. I’m not in a rush for those things though. More design jobs means more funds to put towards repairs and hopefully new design software! It’s amazing how many more projects I’ve had just since Jason ended work at Park Street- the timing couldn’t have been better. So thankful.

Now we have a 10 month old happy-during-the-daytime little girl with the best smile and a 3-1/2 year old with visible wheels turning in his head every second he’s awake. I get the opportunity to be with them everyday, all day. All day. Everyday…all day….which I love….Yes, I love it. Exhausting yes, but I couldn’t ask for better kids. I love everything about them and I can’t begin to count the number of lessons I’ve learned about myself, life, God through being their parent. I’m still learning about patience. Daily. No, hourly. The inevitable sogginess of my cereal and the reheating of coffee cup #1 is just part of life. I’m slowly getting over it.

I think getting over it is my goal in life these days. Perspective, prioritizing, selflessness, sacrificing- all things I’m working on. Constant interruptions, situations out of my control, an overwhelming list of things to accomplish tempt me to have a quarter-life crisis. But in all those words that can be negative, I’m leaning on two more words that help me step back from a meltdown: restoration and trust. And the new year is the perfect time to remind myself about renewing and restoring both myself and the world around me. And then trusting in the hope of Jesus and relying on his provision no matter how big or small it is- no matter if I think the timing it right on or not arriving soon enough.

A year ago we could only hope that a year later we would be where God wanted us to be and that we would remain faithful to obey his call even if it sounded crazy or didn’t end up the way we thought it would. It definitely didn’t go the way we thought, but we are thankful for the trials we faced and I’m happy to say we are all healthy, can pay our bills, give back, love well while continuing to grow and learn. Thanks for your prayers and support in 2012. The year is in the books and our hearts are full.


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