Between the (Granola) Bars

So I attempted to make chewy granola bars the other day. Key word being “attempted”. I went to the Flour Barrel, bought some stuff I’ve never bought before and felt pretty good about myself. Local raw honey, sunflower seeds, rolled oats then other stuff I have bought before, like dried cranberries, almonds and a bag of assorted beans. That’s for bean soup sometime- not the granola bars. I’m not that adventurous.

I wanted to make them because we are snackers. Like hard core snackers. We rarely have a lot of junk food in the house, but lately because of it being summer, and because we fell of the wagon, there has been a circulating amount of salty and sweet treats. Not even the good kind. The processed and weird ingredients kind. I’ve been reading a lot lately. Don’t fall out of your seat- I know. Me, reading? But I am all about moderation and I didn’t feel like we would be good at committing to doing an entire diet change at this point. However, I want to start reading labels more (for the ingredients, not the calories) and buy/make more stuff that has more whole and wholesome foods in it! I should recognize the ingredients on a package of say, granola bars. And I do- only a few of them.

Monitoring what my family puts in their bodies is up to me. No one else is going to do it. If Jason had his way, he’d be fine with pizza rolls and pork rinds for dinner. I’m going to just be more conscious about what I’m making or buying for meals and snacks. This would be much easier in general if I were organized. Oh, Lord, I long to be organized. Especially in the kitchen. I feel like I wouldn’t feel so stressed out about meals, I would make them healthier and save more money if I could just get my act together and find a great meal plan that works well for us.

I didn’t do too bad this week, I planned out what I could make for a week and we had some filling and decently healthy meals. Little by little I’m weaving in more veggies or less grease/salt/dairy/fatty meats. A little cheese on a salad is one thing, but Alfredo sauce is very much another. I’m not health nut, and definitely not a nutritionist, but I’m feeling a little more confident in what I can actually cook and with that things that I can good that use whole and healthy ingredients. I’m trying. Really I am.
And back to the granola bars. I found this recipe on a blog caled Iowa Girl Eats. I didn’t have everything on hand and I had a few other things I wanted to add to it. Like raisins, coconut and sunflower seeds. Here’s how it started off.

A mess.

Once I did all the dry ingredients, I got the liquid ones going and combined it into a pan. Fridge for 4 hours. And crumble.

Well at least he liked it.

I decided to just do the inevitable and crumble the rest up in a ziplock baggie and store it in the fridge. Now I’ve been having a yummy snack of granola in vanilla yogurt every day.

It’s a new leaf for Ali the snacker! I think I will try another batch sometime following the recipe more closely. I even splurged and bought the coconut oil. Maybe that was the problem. I used Grapeseed oil. Tomata, tomato. Apparently not. Posts like these are why I will never be a food blogger. It’s just not my destiny.

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