Three Going On Seventeen

The night before Miles 3rd birthday, we did the annual blow up balloons and quietly sneak them into his room so when he wakes up in the morning his floor is covered with them. They were blue, of course. I asked him how old he was and he said, “MMMM, seventeen!” and giggled. Since then he usually will tell you, “I’m free.” You can guess the translation:) That afternoon we went to my aunt and uncle’s pond, and though he took a nose dive at shore from an unsuspecting drop off, he loved the water and my aunt and I took turns holding on to him while he splashed around. I really need a floatation device for this kid that doesn’t crowd his neck and ears…birthday money put to use!? Clementine and Jason stayed under an umbrella baking:) I had forgotten from last summer how just a quick dip in the pond covers you in sand immediately. So I got out to feed her and realized I better clean off before she got sandy pond milk. Yum.

It’s amazing how tired being out in the sun and water can make you. Miles got a nap- let me rephrase that- a rest time to gear up for the evening. After Jason’s parents arrived we went out to Jakes so Miles could order pizza (his favorite!), but the rest of us could get whatever we wanted! (I was ordering pizza for his party the next day and didn’t want pizza both times!) It was a coincidence but we were seated where we ended up knowing over half the room- we had entered Karen Weidenhamer’s 70th birthday party! It was fun to see friendly faces and even though they were singing to her, Miles thought the birthday song was for him, and he was happy. They even shared her birthday cake with him and the rest of us, it was so sweet. Miles felt loved:)

We got back to our house and let him get some more energy out. He saw a girl on a bike ride past our house and he said, “Her riding her pink bike!? Her lookin’ good!” He has been cracking me up lately. Some things he says on his own, others come from sources of the male persuasion- *cough* GrandpaMikeAhem! and Daddy! All mothers hang on every little word and moment the wheels are turning and their kids learn something right in front of their eyes- I’m no different. In the car, Miles sometimes asks something, is quiet, just thinking then says something that blows me away. I love experiencing this part of parenthood.

Two moments like that was when, out of the blue, Miles says to me “Clementine is my sister!” “Yes, she is your sister.” Then, “And Titus is my cousin.” Jason and I looked at each other- how in the world did he remember that!? I love that many times just showing him a picture of a different baby or friend his age he knows exactly who they are. He’s all the time talking about or recognizing Josie, Baby Henji (Henry:), Baby Olive, Baby Dylan, Gemma, Atticus, Allie, Annie, Ty…it’s so cute. The other moment was coming home from a quick visit at Josie’s house when Miles said, ” Jo Jo’s room is pink?” “Well, I think it’s green AND pink…” “And Henji’s room is yellow?” “Yes, it is yellow!” He stopped and was quiet. Then he says, “Just like Miles’ room! It’s yellow! And Henji’s room is yellow- they match!” I’m sure he’s not advanced for his age, but he is my first and whenever he’s done something new since the day he was born- I am so proud of him. I am impressed that sometimes I don’t think I spend much time teaching certain things and he picks it up so quickly or just observes us. It makes me wonder how smart he would be if I spent more time teaching him! Maybe if he was an only child…:)

The night of Miles’ birthday, we got out the tent he got for Christmas and “camped out” in the living room. Until 10:30. He and Jason watched Cars, ate M&Ms and Miles was all giggles. It was so sweet. I spent a little time in the tent with Clementine, then had to feed her, get her to bed and start on Miles’ train cake. 

Saturday was his party, so while I worked on the cake, he got to feed the ducks and play on the playground at Brookside West. Then Wendy’s for lunch (they brought me back some!) and down for a nap. He actually slept this time, which was good considering we knew he’d be up late again at his party. At 4:00 the festivities started and all in all it was a nice little birthday bash. The cake turned out half decent and the pizza was an easy success. Miles loved his presents, even his clothes and underwear. He even entertained us with singing and dancing to Grandpa’s guitar playing. We heard BINGO, Elvis songs, Church of the Wildwood, Mary Poppins tunes and more. He drives me nuts at some moment(s) every day, but this is such a fun age and I’m so enjoying him.

We’re looking forward to the weekend with Balloon Fest events, but please pray for us as we have many meetings this week of importance. Finances, insurance, what to do about our house…everything takes so long to get processed, and we have a shortage of time. We didn’t start sooner because we had hoped to already have job(s) lined up by now, a house being in contract for our asking price, etc. etc. etc. As I had a mini-panic attack silently in my head while at church today, I was reminded of all the things we’ve been hearing God tell us. I didn’t hear anything new, I was just reminded that God isn’t fickle- what He’s shared with us He meant and He’s still good, and still in control. That is enough to get me through today.

I will need reminded again tomorrow. 🙂


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