New Logo, New Motivation

So last week I started thinking how much I’ve kind of hated my freelance graphic design logo for, well, forever. I threw it together once I had Miles and needed to start taking on jobs from home. Wanting to seem professional, since I was, I needed a logo, website, all that jazz. I mean, how could I say I design logos and the like and not have one for myself? Well, in making one, it doesn’t mean that I spent the time on it that I do for my clients. Now that I’m finally getting around to revamping some things, it gives me a little motivation on trying to do more jobs as I am able, and especially with our impending move.

Since I started to work from home, I’ve done jobs for 14 different companies/individuals. And some of them have actually come back several times- imagine that! I want to try everything I can to be able to work from home as my first choice of helping out Jason with the income. If it’s not happening, I’ll find a part-time job. It’s just going to be tricky since, you know, we have these two little people along for the ride. Having one car won’t be a problem since in DC there are buses and the metro. I just worry that if Jason gets the job he wants, (which is full-time) and is going to school (full-time) and I am gone 20 hours a week, too…when on earth will we see each other!? We don’t want to do this and be miserable. So, again, we rely on God’s provision and guidance to show us what we need to do to keep things going, and what we DON’T need to do or don’t need period!

That being said, I decided on my new logo. (With the help of some feedback in the facebook world). Next will come new business cards. Maybe if things pick up in the future I can actually get a real website and not my hokey freebie of a website. It serves it’s purpose, and I’m not ready to pay for hosting and a domain name yet. It’s not like I’m a web designer, so hopefully it won’t hurt me too much when prospective clients come a-callin’.

Here’s to a second wind in my freelance endeavor.


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