Walking and Lavender

Some may find it morbid that our normal place to walk (aside from our neighborhood loop we do) is the cemetery. A lot of people walk there. Plus, our love of history, names, and quiet stretches of paved roads without a lot of traffic makes it a perfect place to walk. It can be a good workout with those hills- they can be a killer. No pun intended.

That’s a lie. It was intended, I am just a slap stick nerd.

Miles did his regular fall down and get a skinned knee, but other than that we just enjoyed the temperate weather and got some exercise in after dinner. Clem was wrapped to my chest, head a-bobbin’ as I wandered around trying to find a few shots of cool textures to take. The Mykrantz mausoleum everyone has seen, and forever I hadn’t really thought about how the name was really pronounced. In my head I always thought “myrkatz”. But no, it’s not like the animal, I was wrong. And dyslexic. I learned online that the vault was established on April 8, 1898 and holds 9 family members. I snapped a few pictures of the ornate door, looks very Art Nouveau to me.


A few cemetery walks ago, we stumbled upon grave sites of the Sharr family. (Click on the name to read what I’ve already learned about the Sharr Family- the second family to reside in my house.) There was Carl and his wife Velda, who were both newlyweds and starting their family in my house by the 1930 census. Their 3 year old, Richard, grew up in Ashland and is living (now in his 80’s) so I wrote him last year and he wrote back! The sad part is that a stone next to his parents was for Robert Sharr 1932-1932. They suffered a loss of their little boy in my house. I can’t imagine the pain they must have gone through, and then to think dealing with it in many of the rooms I move in and out of every day. Then I looked back at Carl and Velda’s stone. I had to move a plant out of the way to see the dates on Carl’s side and realized I was touching lavender.

It was small, so I’m sure it wasn’t planted at the time of either of their deaths, but I suddenly realized some thing we had in common besides sharing a home: Three years ago I had decided to buy two lavender starts and plant them in the front flower bed of our house in between the small shrubs.

It was a meaningful moment.


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