The Bear Necessities

Which bear is best? Miles would say “Soft Bear”.

Miles has a bear. Actually he has two bears. Some of you know what I’m talking about and the importance of them. He had one, then we thought, if he loses this one, it’s going to be bad. So we found the very rare, almost discontinued one of the same kind.

They started out “Bear” and “Other bear” (they are identical) and then became “Blue Bear” and “Green Bear” (they are white) and now are “Soft Bear” and “Cold Bear” (okay…) So, anyway, we go to get out of the car for church the other day, and we told Miles to leave Soft Bear in the car for the morning (so Bear could take a nap…we’re clever like that…) and Miles, ever-so attached still, said, like a brave boy, “Oh, okay. One more smell.”

One more smell. Yes, he said that. So he, with fingers in his mouth like usual, took one more big whiff of his spit-scented bear and put him down on the car seat. At least he knows when to cut himself off of his “drug”. We won’t need an intervention quite yet.


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