The Confirmation of Clementine (No, we haven’t converted…)*

It’s confirmed. The baby that is trying to claw it’s way out of my body through my ribs is, in fact, a girl.

We didn’t have any doubt- well, maybe a smidge, because at 20 weeks they told us they were 99% sure. They just couldn’t get her to move the right way so they could snag the picture to give us that 100% proof. So, needless to say, today we happily threw away some receipts of the girly things we have picked up here and there. Since I’m not a on the frilly girl side, I at least had the relief that if it just so happened baby was actually a boy, the nursery had very recently been painted a blueish-green color, so I could work with that. I think I’m most relieved that we don’t have to think of and agree upon a boys name at this point. That would have made my head hurt.

So, yes, I had an appointment today, I’m 35 weeks along, and apparently, Clementine is going to be a big baby. I mean look at these cheeks.

My doctor predicts 8lb. 7oz. I don’t know how she came up with that, but oddly enough, that’s how much I weighed at birth. My little daily emails from a couple baby websites have told me things like “At 35 weeks, you’re baby may be 4-3/4lbs or close to 5 lbs by now…” Or, if you’re Clementine, you could be 7lbs right now and 5 weeks out. No wonder I feel like a truck ran me over every day. Well, 7lbs is exaggerated, maybe, the doctor said they could be up to a half pound off- so she’s really thinking 6lbs 7 or 9 oz at this point. Whatever, I saw those cheeks, I feel her in every corner of my abdomen and through to my back, you can’t make her sound smaller than she is. I’m thankful for a healthy baby, anyhow. She’s head down, ready to go, and fluids are at the right levels. Thankful thankful thankful!

Miles sang her a song during the ultrasound, and the tech thought it was so cute, she captured an image of the baby “smiling” (I really don’t see it) and put the caption “I hear brother singing to me!!” which was really sweet.

I will predict for myself a Feb. 24th baby. We’ll see what she wants to do! Feel free to comment your predictions- (perhaps a helpful tip?- Miles came 10 days early on his own and weighed in at 8lbs. 1oz.)

She could end up looking like this:

Little baby Sumo wrestler. Or, more accurately- me.

*that title was a little “ha ha” to all my Catholic friends:)


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