‘Twas the Most Bizarre Christmas, Continued

He was still silent at 9:30am but we needed to get on the road, so we opened his door and he stirred and seemed okay, just tired still. He sat up, and then said, “Miles wants to suck fingers…want to suck fingers…want….” Jason and I looked at each other. Oh no. And the crying began again. Hysterical. And coughing. And the pleading to watch Mickey. He still refused to eat. Was this Groundhog’s Day? Or a nightmare? I was not going to be stuck in a car for 8 hours with him like this. We called the on call doctor, and he said it was most likely the meds like we thought, but to keep an eye on him and bring him in tomorrow if nothing changed. Sigh. So, we made the decision to just take him to the ER. At least someone could look at him and assure us his cough wasn’t a more serious infection or the mood swings weren’t something serious. The hysterical behavior stopped as soon as we got in the ER lobby. Go figure. We probably looked like over-reactive first time parents. Nice, thanks Miles.

By noon our fears were relieved and he was cleared of everything and anything by the doctor on staff. Praise the Lord. And then his appetite decided to make a fierce entrance right then. We still had all of his clothes and things to pack and I’m sure since he hadn’t eaten in so long, his balance was affected and he was tripping over things, so therefore began to cry more. Our stress level was going through the roof. We don’t handle being rushed well. 🙂 It didn’t help that Jason accidently bonked Miles head as he put him in the car at the hospital, or the fact that I was trying to get some milk in a sippy cup for him to take and of course he was right there as a swung the half gallon out off the fridge shelf and directly into his little face. If I had been 5% more stressed, I probably could have gone into labor. It sounds ridiculous now to be so upset, but at the time, I had been at my emotional breaking point from the past couple days; I was done.

Finally, on the road, we flew to Burger King and got Miles chicken nuggets that he scarfed down as well as the chopped up strawberries I brought with us. Praise the Lord, his appetite was back at least. He was quiet most of the trip, didn’t sleep much, ate some snacks, watched Mickey on our portable DVD player, and – you guessed it- sucked his fingers. Towards the middle of the trip he started breaking my heart again by saying “Momma, almost there…” in the most pitiful voice ever. “Yes, almost there, sweetie.” As I lied to him and braced myself for the next 4 hours of the trip. He said it a few more times through small tears and finally we could say in all honesty, “Yes, almost there, we’re pulling into the lane of grandma and papa’s!”

He wanted pizza right away- (didn’t want dinner on the road) but there was none, so settled for spagettios and meatballs at 9pm. After everyone said hi to him and gave him a squeeze, he went right to sleep and we didn’t hear a peep the entire night. Exhausted from traveling, we hit our pillows hard and prayed again for the morning to bring us our old Miles.

I heard him waking up in the playpen that wasn’t 4 feet from my side of the bed. And a little voice. He was saying “…one ice cream cone, one pickle, once slice of salami, one cupcake and one slice of watermelon…night he had tummycake!”

I couldn’t have smiled a bigger smile. My sweet boy was happily reciting pages from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Sweet music to my ears.

A little later…”Do you want to open presents?” “Yes! Miles want to open presents!” More smiling:)

I’d like to say that I’m going to lower my expectations from now on for Christmas and birthdays, but I don’t know if that’s the main issue. I think I realized I sometimes take for granted my everyday Miles. He’s 2, so he has his moments, no doubt, but gosh, he is a sweet, funny, thoughtful, well-behaved kid.  Well, the last day or two I can say that I have fully embraced and been present in all of his “Miles” antics, new observations and his learning, sweet songs and hugs. That’s been a blessing that I can enjoy on more than just Christmas Day.

Although, he did get a little whiney tonight at dinner, and I wondered out loud if the waitress would accept a whiney toddler as a tip. Wink, wink.

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