How We Met, Part IX

“…would you marry me?” I turned my gaze to Jason, (whose hand had been fumbling around in his coat pocket, trying to find the little gray box and open it the right way, while I was going on my rant about who should get engaged where and Lord knows what else), who was now standing beside me with the box that held a single princess cut diamond ring inside. It was too slippery to kneel, but we were close to the rail and between waiting for my answer and trying not to slip and throw the ring off the side of the cliff, Jason was standing there bracing himself for what I would say.


Shut up.

That’s what I said. And I shoved him a little. Think Elaine from Seinfeld with her “Get out!”

But “Shut up.” I said that. When a guy proposed to me. And not just any guy. The guy I figured would proposed because we communicated pretty well that we fell in love with each other and wanted it to go in this direction. How was I that caught off guard to say Shut. Up. ???  I’m not proud of it, I can’t take it back, it was a dumb thing to say. While normally I have a filter of what goes on in my brain before it comes out my mouth, this time I think it was on vacation. I’m just glad the slight shove I gave him didn’t send the ring over the edge of the lookout. Or him, for that matter.

“Shut up?” He asked. I quickly said, “Yes! I mean yes!” and planted a kiss on him. Okay all was right with the world. The ring fit, it was simple and perfect. He enlisted the help of my sister Sam when he picked it out, and while I am definitely a fan of vintage looking everything, I loved this ring the most, I think, because of the fact he picked it out and he was giving it to me. It was much more than a ring.

We were freezing and giddy and realized we had no more cash or change on us to get back down the incline. It was about 9pm at this point, there weren’t exactly a lot of tourists around to bum money off of- so we just went back to the incline worker and said that we were so sorry, but we realized we had no more change on us, only a credit card. But that we just got engaged! He laughed and was so nice to let us back down for free! It would have been a long slippy walk back down the mountain had he not!

We walked into Station Square to seek out any place that might still be open on a Wednesday night for dinner. We found The Sesame Inn. We love us some Chinese food. We were pretty much one of two couples in the restaurant, but it was fine. We had wonderful food, ordered a Mai Tai and giggled our way through conversation and had an overall great time together. They were closing, so we had to leave, but we had to get on the road anyway. Thursday was a school day for me and we had a 2 hour 40 minute drive ahead of us! Jason drove this time, and I did what every new fiancee does- call everyone listed in her phone. It made the drive go faster, anyway! I’m sure Jason was tired of hearing my version of the story, with little variations for each new person I called.

So, after 11 -1/2 weeks of dating, we were engaged. A little over 7 months later, we were married on August 5, 2006. It was not without it’s trials and doubts and uncertainties. After 5 years of being married, I’m extremely happy, we have a 2 year old we can’t imagine life without, and another one on the way this coming March. I’m sure I could have been happy- even extremely happy with someone else- as well as I’m sure Jason could be happy with someone else,- even less stressed out with someone else (perhaps someone without red hair and an Irish temper), but we chose the person God had in front of us during that time in the fall and winter of 2005 and didn’t look back. We strive to be real with each other and real with others. We don’t always like each other, but there’s always a foundational love we have for each other and for Christ that our marriage is built on. It’s not a perfect life, by any means, but I’m loving the chance to build this little family and have this particular journey with my old friend Barney, for as long as we wake up in the morning.


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