Hot Pepper Jelly

I only call it Hot Pepper and not Jalapeno Jelly because I added 4 Cayenne Peppers to the mix:) I like the little red flakes that show up.

Chopping a pound of Jalapenos is hot hot business, so I was a smart little girl and remembered to have gloves this time around. By the way, a pound is about 20 peppers. I had to look it up. Thankfully the 3 or 4 plants Heather and I planted gave me plenty, and there are still some on their stems outside.

Thankfully I didn’t have to chop more than the stems off and each pepper in half to deseed them. I threw them in my blender. Pepper smoothie, anyone? 

I overestimated the power of my blender. It didn’t chop them at all. I remembered I had my little trusty food processor. Three rounds of peppers later, I had what I needed to then stick back in the blender to get my pepper and cider vinegar puree that the recipe called for. 

Then, though this picture doesn’t do the amount of sugar justice, I got to heap 6 cups of sugar on to my pepper mix and cook it down. That’s a lot of sugar. I’m really glad I bought three 5-lb. bags of sugar before I started making all these jellies and jams…

Finished sterilizing the jars and lids and rings…and once the pectin was added to the pepper mix, boil here, boil there, I get to ladle it into my cute little jars. I found 4 oz. jars that look like little shot glasses of jam. I joked with Anne about putting salsa in one of those. I think one would last me one whole chip.

I also made a huge mess of our kitchen. The sink looked particularly smashing. And full of hot oils from the jalapenos. But I was a good wife and did them all before Jason got home. Many times I just leave my days kitchen work for him, and he doesn’t mind doing the dishes since I cook. (As long as I rinse those many dishes, he says. I get the “Who me?” look on my face like I can’t believe he’d ever accuse me of leaving dishes with dried and caked on cheese, marinara sauce, sour cream…)

Finished product- what do you use jalapeno jelly for? I’m glad you asked. No, I don’t think it would be good on a sandwich with peanut butter, but if you try it, please let me know how it is. You adventurous types, you. I’m excited to use this on crackers with cream cheese as a little appetizer for cool fall and cooler winter evenings. If there are other fun uses, please share in the comments section! I’ll pick a random commenter and give you a cute 4 oz jar of it, how’s that sound! (Okay Leah, I guess it’s yours;-) LOL)


6 thoughts on “Hot Pepper Jelly

  1. Leah says:

    Look at all these comments you’re getting! 🙂
    I have no suggestions anyway. We actually have a tiny jar from Amish Country that we weren’t sure what to do with either!

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