My Feeble Attempts At Slowing Summer Down and The Efficiency of Puking in the Shower

The summer is quickly hurdling through all the plans I had for it. I’ve achieved many things I wanted to this summer so far, but I hate with the hot temperatures, a sinus infection for me and an ear infection for Miles, that we had to stay inside for the better part of two weeks. Previously we had been taking great advantage of the season, going to the Spray Park, my aunt and uncle’s pond, the alligator baby pool at my parents house that Miles affectionately calls “turtle” and many wagon rides around the neighborhood.

In June we had outdoor fun every day at Camp Bethany, then when Jason was on the youth mission trip, Miles and I spent every day doing something different or visiting friends and family. Then Miles birthday party was here, with more family and outdoor fun, and soon we were headed to Canada for a week. He loved the boat, and woke up every morning saying “Drive da boat!? Drive da boat!?” Now back home, I’m starting to slow down.

The day before we left for Canada Jason and I found out that we get to be parents again! Bracing myself for the 16 weeks of throwing up daily that I experienced with Miles, I instead, have been dealing with a lingering sinus infection. I’m not sure if it’s morning sickness or all the snot I suck down throughout the night that disgusts me when I wake up in the morning- or maybe a combination of the two- but if I must, I rather enjoy getting it over with during my morning shower. No mess, easy clean up, no looking in a toilet wondering, “When did we clean the toilet last?” Not only am I not a breakfast person, but especially when I’m pregnant NOTHING looks good in the morning. Even the thought of saltines make me shudder. I don’t want shards of salty processed flour scraping at my throat as it’s being hurled back up my esophagus . I guess if I had to choose I’d rather devour a banana, and if it comes back up to say hello, at least it’s soft and mild in flavor. I think that’s the key during my first months of pregnancy. Mild flavors. If you know me, that is not like me. I love spicy salsas, lots of Mexican food, Cajun food, etc. Not right now. I did manage to eat half a burrito bowl yesterday from Chipotle. I was glad my body didn’t hate me afterwards. It’s amazing how a fetus the size of a blueberry can throw your whole body for a loop. Hm. Blueberries. They sound good.

Miles is going to love having a baby around come March. I babysit a little girl who he can’t get enough of. When her mom comes to pick her up, Miles panics and hits her once because he doesn’t want her to leave. Sounds odd, but it’s his way of saying “I’ll miss you, don’t go!” Almost every morning he asks me “Where’d da baby go? Baby here?” He doesn’t always like sharing with her, but he loves to give her random kisses and holds her hand, gives her her binky and even shares his beloved Bear with her. She lights up when she sees him as well. I know he’ll be a great big brother.

We have an interesting year ahead of us. Next week, Jason is officially working half time at Park Street and spending his other time interning with the University in the Religion Department as a Graduate Assistant where he will assist in research, and maybe teach a few classes or give lectures. He’ll also be writing, reading, researching and studying his butt off for the GRE that he’s retaking. THEN come applications this fall again. UVA, Marquette, Baylor, Princeton Theological. That’s the tentative list, anyway. Once again we will anxiously await acceptance/rejection letters in February/March, but at least this time we’ll have something more precious to keep our minds of the hopeful but scary unknown.


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