Part II: Welcome To The World, Miles

Jason dropped me off at the A Entrance and he went to park the car while I passed some smoking on-lookers outside to the restrooms inside. They asked Jason “Is this it!??” He said ” I think so!” So I got to the bathroom and by this time when a contraction was coming, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t move, it was pretty intense. So I dealt with one at the sink, and once it was over, got my butt out the door and to the elevator. I didn’t see Jason. He was supposed to meet me out there! But in two seconds he came out of the men’s restroom and we were on our way in the elevator after a comment from the security guard, “Are you nervous?” “Yes, a little!” I said. We get to the 2nd floor (Birthing Center) and they took us to triage, I put on a gown, and they checked to see that I was now 3-1/2 cm dilated . They said they would admit me. So we were taken to our room, and I was given Setinol or something to take the edge off before the Anesthesiologist came with the sacred epidural. Mom, Dad, Sam and Elizabeth got there as my Setinol was kicking in and wow I was incredibly loopy, but still felt the contractions, I guess they were a little more bearable, but not much! Dad took awful pictures of a few contractions. I’m glad they were all there though, it made me feel calmer. I didn’t cry yet. They had to leave when the epidural came, so the Anesthesiologist had me sit on the side of the bed and hold a pillow while Jason stood aside- he wasn’t allowed to watch. They don’t want people passing out! They told me I might feel itchy, and not to itch or it would set a reaction of itching all over my body. It would only last for 20 minutes.

Well that was a lie, at least for me, it lasted until the epidural wore off the next morning! So at this point it was about 10:30 or something like that at night. They told us to get some sleep, as the epidural was well kicked in, but I couldn’t really get sleep- off and on kind of sleep. The nurse who had admitted us, Mary, was so great and encouraging, we loved her. Now there was another nurse that came in named Barb. Barb messed up my IV. I had to get it again in the other arm. Barb talked about her kids and grandkids non stop in a very annoying way. Barb was loud and harsh sounding. She was trying to make conversation and trying to be nice, but she just was incredibly obnoxious. I wanted peace. And quiet. I wasn’t getting either. She kept dropping things and losing things. I was getting nervous around her. Dr. Foote had come in to check me soon after the epidural to break my water. I was 5cm around this time.

Finally after a few hours, it was about 2 am, when Mary came in a checked me- I was fully dilated! “Wow, I can see the baby’s head! I’m going to call Dr. Foote and you’ll be delivering very soon!” I said “Jason, wake up, the baby is coming!” Mary said, “Do you have an urge to push?” “No, I can’t feel much!”

So she went off to call Meghan Foote (super nice doctor). She came in and said, “You are going to have a great delivery! You’ll only have to push a couple times and you should have your baby!” They said they wished everyone’s labor/delivery would be this smooth. I was happy, but thought, well it’ll still probably hurt a lot pushing and such. Jason came on my right side to hold my hand. My other hand was behind my left knee to help in the pushing. They coached me on what to do and I couldn’t feel much but did what I thought was pushing.

One, two, three, PUSH…”Okay,” Dr. Foote said, “One more good one, and I think we’ll have the baby out!” WHAT! No way! She was right, one more round of push at the next contraction and I heard “Stop pushing!” and a pause and then a baby’s hi-pitched cry. I had not even cried up until this point. Something that surprised me. After only about 8 hours of labor and 10-15 minutes of pushing, I had the baby I’d been carrying for 38 weeks and 4 days. All I heard was “It’s a boy” and they plopped Miles Henry Barnhart on my chest at 2:43 am and I cried out of relief and emotion and disbelief. Apparently, Dr. Foote had been pointing to the baby’s penis and Jason just smiled and put thumbs up- then realized – OH she wanted him to announce to me what the baby was! He also cut the umbilical cord!

Then they took him from me and did the procedures they needed to do. Jason kissed my forehead and told me great job and it was so unreal. We had a kid. 10 Days early! Just like my mom had me 10 days early! Then unfortunately Barb took care of Miles, messed up his foot print papers, lost his comb, talked my ear off- I’m thinking, “Lady, it’s 3:30 in the morning, I just had a baby, I don’t care about your bratty grandkids just give me my kid already!” I wanted to bond with him early and breast-feed as soon as possible. But almost an hour went by before I could. Barb even told me how her policy is to give the baby to the mother first- cause sometimes grandmas want to come in and hold the baby and she doesn’t allow that, she wants the mother to have first dibs…as she said this she was picking up Miles and cradling him and rocking him as she looked at me for 3 minutes to tell me all that. Give me my BABY! I wanted to scream at her. I was so emotional but trying to be polite. She should never be the nurse you get right after delivery. I could have dealt with her more during the day on another day.

I finally got to hold him and breast-feed him, I don’t really remember how that all went- it was so early in the morning and my drugs hadn’t worn off yet. I just knew that he was perfect. He was a beautiful baby and had beautiful features. He made cute little noises, and Jason and I couldn’t get over how much we loved him already. Our baby Miles. We did it. He had light brown hair, blue eyes, measured 20″ long and weighed 8lbs. 1oz. The three of us wanted to pray together, and right before we started Miles threw his one arm up in the air! “Praise the Lord” we joked! But we did really, we thanked the Lord for a healthy strong baby and for the smoothest labor and delivery this side of the Mississippi! Jason went to go get everyone in the lobby and they joined us and took many a picture! We were all thrilled.

In the morning, with my IV still intact, the nurse Cyndi helped me to the bathroom. I lost a lot of blood (red heads lose more than the average person they said) and when I stood up after I was done, I started to get hot and nauseous and dizzy. This felt familiar! I told the nurse and she had me sit down again- and boy was I going to pass out! Two other nurses ran in and sat me on a chair that they wheeled in and wheeled me back out to my bed and got me to lie down again. My vision was coming back and I could hear again! So, needless to say, I had to have someone go with me again the next time, but I passed the “didn’t pass out” test that time. Jason was holding Miles and asked “What was going on in there?” Um, I almost collapsed! And that’s why I don’t give blood anymore as well.

Monday evening, Arden and Bobbi came to visit and brought us a gift card to Babies R Us and the church blanket. It was nice to visit with them! Then came my family (with flowers and boy clothes!), Doug and Debbie (with flowers from Red Red, and lobster swim trunks and sandals for Miles!)  and Wende (with a plaid brimmed hat, so cute!), Emily and Trent, Aubrey and Aaron, Kes and Ty, Scott and Anne and Josephine. They brought us an icecream cake!

Tuesday was kind of boring until Candace Rau and Emily Cooksey came to visit around 3pm and stayed for a bit. Then later on came my family again (always with food for Jason as well! since the hospital and nurses acted like he didn’t exist (except for Cyndi the nurse)). Then Jen and Dan Ditlevson came, followed by Tiffany Seiter, Liz Hosfeld and Aaron Rowsey. It was great to have people come see us!

Wednesday morning we could finally go home, though by the time we got discharged it was around noon. First car ride! Goodbye hosptial! Goodbye room Miles was born in and we stayed in for 3 days! Hello McDonalds where we had lunch in the parking lot, cause there was no way I was taking a 3 day old into McDonalds as his first outing. Bleck! We got home and put Miles (still in his car seat) in the living room and let the dogs take their time at sniffing him and checking him out. Lucky thought it was a squeak toy, Spence a little more reserved, but wagged his tail! They both accepted him quickly into our pack. And now Lucky will sleep in front of the recliner when Miles is in the crib and they both give him the occasional kiss on the foot. And they do the head turn thing at Miles’ noises like grunting, cooing and farting some juicy farts!

We are adjusting nicely, and have had lots more visitors along with people bringing us meals. He had his first doctors appointment that Saturday, and he (having lost 7 oz.- which babies tend to do after birth) had gained it all back, which the RN said takes a few weeks in some babies. But all is great with his health so far and he was very well behaved there- surprisingly so! Even on the cold scale he fell asleep! We made it to Mandy and Scott’s wedding but didn’t stay for the reception on the 27th. It’s weird not being at work, but I think I’m starting to get used to it. I love being a mom. I feel that I’m a lot more confident about it and connected to Miles than I thought I’d be. Now if I could control these mood swings, and not cry every time I read a congrats card from someone or hear a sweet lullaby song or look at him! I think I need a nap. But I guess that’s pretty much the story of Miles Henry’s first few days. Like I said he’s awesome. And he needs to stop growing up so fast. ”

*Written a few days after he was born.