Part I: Welcome To The World, Miles

Not everyone likes birth stories, but since it’s my favorite kid’s birthday tomorrow, I will share the tale in 2 parts (sans some more detailed details). *Note: I actually wrote this days after his birth so I wouldn’t forget, and I’m glad I did.

“For quite a few weeks, off and on, I had been sitting and bouncing on an exercise ball at work. For months, I had been getting regular adjustments at the chiropractor. And at my 37 week appointment, Dr. Ross told me I was 2 cm dilated. What!??!

So began an effort by Jason to have me go into labor as soon as possible. We took a couple lengthy walks in the cemetery and he would randomly push pressure points on my head and wrists that he really didn’t know if they were really pressure points or not. Nothing was happening, but boy was I feeling exhausted. And heavy. And slow. At my 38 week appointment, Dr. Bellante informed us that I was 3 cm along. Huh. So things were moving!  The next day, Friday, June 19th, was my chiropractor adjustment and a massage. All aligned up and ready to go! But since most people seemed to think that because they were almost 2 weeks overdue or someone they knew was, that the same would happen for me. I don’t think it works that way.

Scott and Anne Williams thought on Sunday the 14th, I’d have the baby by Friday or Saturday. I told Scott I felt like it could definitely be that weekend. Jason was hoping for earlier. I felt great that Sunday morning, and I wore my maternity dress that I planned to wear for my cousin Mandy’s wedding June 27th, but not knowing if I’d make it to that day, I wore it to church. I felt beautiful. Something I hadn’t felt in my whale of a body in quite a while! My feet were still swollen, but I got lots of compliments that day and I just knew things were getting close. I decided to really take it easy in the coming week and focus on preparing for labor and making sure our bags were packed! Dr. Ross had told Jason to get the car seat installed and put a towel down on the car seat. So in his mind, it could happen at any moment, which is basically what Dr. Ross told us- “could be tonight, could be in 2 weeks, but I hope to see you before your next appointment!” So, Jason wasn’t anxious without reason! And when Dr. Bellante asked us if I wanted to be induced, we were shocked. “Not yet…” I said. But since my blood pressure was up for the second week in a row, she said if I make it to my next appointment on Wednesday and my BP is still high, they will schedule an induction for the following day most likely. Woah- that would be a week before my due date! She doubted that I would make it to Wednesday. Okay, so do we bank on that? Dr. Ross said she hoped to see us having the baby before this appointment, and no baby. But with this information, we couldn’t think of anything else. Needless to say it was really hard to focus at work.

At the end of the work day on Friday the 19th, I told my friends at Red Red to have a good weekend, and that I may not be here on Monday, if my guesses are right!

So Saturday, the 20th came and after our weekly brunch at the Lawrentz homestead, Jason mowed the lawn back home while I swang on the porch swing in a sundress and relaxed. Just waiting for the baby. We had been timing contractions all week long, but none were very consistent or powerful. I was feeling more crampy but nothing to make a fuss about. We decided to get out and try to get our mind off the labor to come. We were going to go to Chipotle and called many of our couple friends, but everyone was busy or not home. So it was just us, no one else to help take our minds off it! We walked around Barnes and Nobel for a bit then went home, after McDonalds told us their icecream machine was broken. Surprise, surprise.

Sunday morning came, Father’s Day (the 21st) and I gained enough guts to read “I Love You Forever”, the book Gina Ashley got me at my shower. Just looking at the cover I wanted to bawl, but I finally was able to read it.

And then I bawled. It was about a young woman who had a baby boy and watched him grow and always reciting to him “I Love You Forever, I Like you for always…forever my baby you’ll be.” something like that. I lost it. Then I went to church with Jason. We had an hour before the service, so we ran to McDonalds and ate inside. Saw Uncle Frank and Ranee go through the drivethru and they ended up pulling over because McDonalds messed up their order. Surprise, surprise. So we got to say hey to them. Back at church, it was Arden and Bobbi’s celebration lunch for his retirement so we went to that, and my, it was touching.

After the luncheon, I decided to watch my Prenatal Yoga DVD on breathing techniques and stretches for labor. I hadn’t done them as frequently as I thought I would when I bought the DVD but a couple of the stretches I did throughout pregnancy and they really helped take the strain off my back. Then I worked on my computer playing in photoshop, and ended up with a huge cramp in my calf muscle. Walk it off, walk it off.

For dinner we went over to mom and dads and had BW3’s. Spicy Garlic Wings- I had not had those in a long while. While we were eating on the back deck, I started to feel more crampy more often. Were these contractions I should be noticing? I didn’t want to make a big deal of them, but I told my mom what I was feeling. So we started timing them. 6 minutes. 6-1/2 minutes. 6 minutes. 7 minutes. Around 7pm, Mom got a piece of paper out and we started writing them down. They were starting to hurt! Dad and Jason kept talking, to get his mind of things. I was not feeling well. These “Braxton Hicks” were not stopping. These were the real thing.

I went to the kitchen and mom was there, and I said, “I think I should go.” She said, “Alright! I think they are close enough together that it may mean something, definitely! Go home, take it easy, and call us if you decide to go to the hospital, and we’ll come up if you want us to.”

So, I went out to the deck and said, “Jason, I don’t want to alarm you, but we need to go.” So he, very seriously, jumped into action and we got the dogs in the car and said goodbye and went home. Dropped them off, I jumped in the shower just to get some hot water on my body, and kept feeling the burn. Jason got the car seat all ready and the bags in the trunk. I put on some comfy pj pants and a maternity t-shirt and we left for Medina.

The contractions were speeding up, as well as our car as Jason did 73 on 71 the whole way. Very unlike him. Unfortunately there was construction, not delaying us, just very bumpy and I dropped some swear words, I will admit. Especially when we kept hitting the red lights once in the city limits. We finally were there. It didn’t take that long, but I “hehehehehoo-ed” every 4 or 5 minutes, almost in tears, but mostly in a very serious and focused mood. I did not want to talk, I did not want to listen to music. I just wanted quiet. And to get there. The cool thing was that ever since a Morning Dove couple had been keeping their nest on our front porch, we took it as a sign of peace and of family- Morning Doves are monogamous. And they have become kind of our “ebenezer” of sorts. Well, close to the hospital at one of the stop lights, we saw a pair of them just sitting on a wire that we were driving under. We both took notice and it was just a nice reminder of how God was in this whole thing, and bringing us such blessings in starting a family. (continued tomorrow!)