The Year Ahead

So as many of you have began to find out, by our conversations with you, that you will get to (or have to;-) see our smiling faces in Ashland for another year. Not what we expected, but we are open to what God wants to do with us. We know we still feel Jason is being called to a graduate school in the future, not as an end in itself, but using the degree as a tool to place us where we’re meant to be, so we can be used to serve others, grow in love and follow God’s call on our life. We can do this anywhere, but we are excited that we feel He has a specific plan for us, and we want to be as obedient to that as we can be. It’s a humbling and frustrating transition, nonetheless. And the process of being in residency for the degree will surely stretch us in new and profound ways. We want to dream big and expect God to work in amazing ways. I refuse to live in the cynicism and negativity that often tries to cloud my mind.

Somehow, God has made it possible for us to keep our home for another year. Jason will be working in some capacity, and while not sure of the details yet, we will up and try this application thing again this fall and wait wait wait during the winter till next Spring and see what comes from it! I will continue to freelance, work at catering, babysit, pick up dirty pennies off parking lot pavement and accrue Swagbucks. Our house is officially off the market as of the end of last week, but by all means, I am still planning my “Moving Staying Sale” in June. Plenty of house detoxing happened, and I am not keeping it around for another year! So mark it on your calendars…June 9,10,11th- 3-4 family yard sale, our driveway- or yard. Christmas decorations, housewares, adult clothes, picture frames, shoes, a TV, random furniture, lot of BOOKS, much more.

Okay my commercial is done. Thanks, friends, for praying for us. You’re friendship, encouragement, prayers and thoughts have meant a lot in really uncertain and trying times for us this year. There’s been so much more going on that hasn’t been brought to this blog, but your prayers have affected those things too, whether or not you knew it. We’re looking forward to this opportunity to stay in Ashland at least another year and what that might mean for our lives. I don’t want it to be wasted time, and we don’t see it as such. Whatever reason we are in Ashland for the next year, we want to make the most of it. Sometimes we don’t realize the things we need, and the blessings and life giving opportunities are disguised as setbacks, until we see them on the other side.

For instance, I always saw myself, with a tall, dark, handsome, uniform type man. (it’s okay to laugh) Then I married Jason. (it’s okay to groan at the lousiness of this joke) For those of you that know him, he is only one of those things I mentioned,  but God knew me better than what I WANTED for myself. He knew what I NEEDED. And Jason balances me in every way. He has helped strengthen my walk with Christ, he has encouraged and supported my interests, and challenged me when I needed it. Our personalities balance each other. The cool thing is, we’ve only been married close to 5 years. So there is so much life yet to experience with one another, God willing, and so much to learn about each other and to teach Miles together. I am a blessed woman to have those two in my life. And blessed to call Ashland “home” for at least one more year.

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