Roadtrips: Durango, Colorado 1996, Part 2 (of 2)

Part Deux

July 23,1996

“We stayed at the Hilton Tammaron. When we got there, we had dinner at San Juan’s. After breakfast the next morning we went horse back riding. Mom and Liz had Bill the horse. Sam had Casa. I had Midnight and Dad had Blue. Blue had a gas problem. Dad rode last in line:) We got back and went swimming in the indoor/outdoor pool. As I swam under the partition separating indoor and out, I bumped into someone. Her name was Audrey and she was from Kansas. We were instant friends. We ate dinner at San Juan’s again.” After another convention another year, we hung out together, then wrote letters from time to time, but now, 15 years later, we found each other on Facebook and caught up a bit! How fun is that?!

“The next day we ate at the Village Inn, went swimming and met Audrey at the ping pong tables to play. Mom and Dad had to go to a BBQ for the US Dry Bean Meeting so I watched Sam and Liz. Liz got a bee stinger in her butt. It was interesting trying to get it out. The next day we walked around Durango. We got our old west photos taken! Lunch at McDonald’s then white water rafting! It wasn’t bad. I could use a little more adventure, though. You have to be 16 to go down the big white water rapids.” Haha a little more adventure. Well, I finally would get to experience a little more adventure twice on the Gauley River in West Virginia in 2004 & 2007.

“We went back to the Hilton, changed, then headed back to shop or look around town. Then Elizabeth opened her presents. Happy B-Day Liz. Big 6. Wow. Still a brat. Oh well.” Tell us how you really feel, Ali! Sorry Elizabeth! 🙂

“Well, we swam in the morning (July 23rd) and said goodbye to Audrey. We’re going to miss each other. We’ll keep in touch though. Now on our way to Mesa Verde and we’re staying in Cortez, Colorado.”

July 26,1996

Well in Cortez we stayed at the Days Inn and ate at the crappy restaurant near the Inn. The next day we went to Four Corners. It was cool. We drove on highway 666. Scary! Drove from Gallup to Albuquerque. We stayed at Santa Rosa Wednesday. We ate at Denny’s for dinner then swam. Elizabeth stepped in the pool filter cause it wasn’t screwed in at all! We ate at Denny’s again for breakfast. There was a big storm far away- we could see the lightning- dad filmed it. We stopped at Subway for lunch, and continued to drive through the pan handle of Texas, and finally got to Oklahoma. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Stillwater and – you guessed it, swam. There was a brat of a girl there. I asked her if I could try to dive for one of her diving game rings and she said “NO!” Brat! Gosh, be that way! We ate Wendy’s to take back to the hotel room. In the morning we got doughnuts from Winchells. Started the long drive through Kansas to Illinois. Stopped in Missouri at a gas station. One bathroom. The four of us women piled out of the van and lined up. Mom was first but someone was in there. Out came a very filthy barefooted man, smelly and with a cigarette in hand. As I went in, soon realized he didn’t flush either. Oh. My. Gosh. Finally made it to Greenville, Illinois and stayed at the Budget Inn. After 8 hours of driving, we were finally home.”

Nothing like a dirty gas station bathroom experience to end a family vacation. At least we saw lots of interesting things, met or revisited fun people, traveled on Route 66 AND 666 (lol), ate great food, or just food, and bonded in the car by counting barns. 🙂


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