One Less Decision To Make

Welp, Duquesne didn’t work out. I know, I know. Not an early April Fool’s joke.

No worries though, as we are at peace about our up coming year. We have no idea what it will look like, but we’re okay with how things ended up in regards to schools for this fall. We are still open to relocating, open to staying in Ashland for the year, but Jason is reapplying for schools this fall for the next year. A couple of the same, a couple of new ones. All the graduate advice we’ve gotten is to not give up. We feel fine about that. Jason is going to do prep work for retaking the GRE, to get those scores up, and looking into any opportunity for experience he can add to his applications. Since applying he’s done a couple of writing projects that have/will be published very soon, so that’s another forward moving item to add to the ol’ resume. We fell good about trying again with the schools and encouraged that something will pan out by July/August which is when his role as youth minister is done at Park Street. We want to be patient and not jump the gun. We want to be open to God’s way and just not what others want or what we want for ourselves. Those all can get quite muddled in times of uncertainty and seeming desperation, but we know it’ll work out if we are patient and listen and use a discerning wisdom. Which is great because one of my gifts is discernment, and one of Jason’s is wisdom. So there ya go.

I guess that’s all I have to say. It’s been a roller-coaster of a couple weeks, with this and other things and, well, life. My mom’s health has been of some concern, but she’s in the good hands of a specialist and they are doing all they can to figure out what’s making her have the symptoms she’s experiencing. That’s all I’ll say for now. Pray for a clean bill of health or something mild and curable if you are the praying types. She is an amazing woman. So more waiting and wondering with that situation.

Life: It’s complicated. At least we’re not bored. And at least the really hard part of waiting for school answers is over. That is burden off our shoulders for sure! We needed to make room for other burdens, come on!

Lastly, to end with some really solid, factual and great news, my cousin Kent just got back to the states from Afghanistan with the 3/25 Marines and will be back in Ohio tonight! Thanks Kent for your service to our country, and I’m even more thankful you are returning safe and sound! We love you.


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