He Wrote Me Back!

Well, in previous posts I have been sharing about my research of the history of my house. I found out that the Sharrs, were the 2nd owners. The young couple lived here from around 1930 till about WWII, when they sold it to the Dunlaps. Their son, Richard E. Sharr was just a toddler when they moved in, and I found his AHS senior picture on the Ashland Genealogical Society website. I also learned he only lives a short ways away from my house, his old stomping grounds. So I wrote him. About a week ago.

And today it came. The letter from the 89 year old Richard who was once just a little boy in my house and did much of his growing up here, I suppose! He wrote a full page and little bit more to me, saying how he was surprised and glad to get my letter and to correspond with me. He didn’t say anything about the house actually, but kind of wrote about his life in a nutshell, what he did after high school, married, raised kids, have grandchildren, etc. I’m taking this as a friendly sign that it’d be okay to stop by some afternoon and just introduce myself and say hi. I’ll write him back again though.

Getting that letter in the mail today almost made me giddy. I mean, he could have never responded at all, and been a total grouch or something. I know it seems like nothing, but I think there are enough unanswered questions out there, that getting a response from someone who happens to be kind and helpful, gives me hope and joy in risk taking- no matter how big or small the risk might seem.


4 thoughts on “He Wrote Me Back!

  1. that is soooo awesome! i try to write to someone every week.. at the very least.. and see if i hear back.. sometimes, it takes a LONG while.. and when i finally do, it’s awesome! i still am a huge pen and ink dork…

    • allisonraebarnhart says:

      It’s so great, isn’t it? I love getting letters in the mail. And to see his handwriting and his signature- I felt like I got a rock stars autograph! Someone I never knew before and researched and found out they were still alive, let alone down the street basically- that was so cool.

    • allisonraebarnhart says:

      Me too! He was extremely nice in the letter. I must have really surprised him, in a good way! I hope that it added some fun to his day! I know unless older people have lots of activities or hobbies, sometimes it seems like everyday is the same routine and can be boring if they’re not able to do the things they did when they were younger. He could be fit as a fiddle and doing all sorts of stuff too, but if I was a shut in or something, I would love to get out of the blue letters, it would brighten my day! I’m glad he was willing to write me back:)

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