In the face of uncertainty, it’s been clear to us that God is moving. We’ve put ourselves out there, discerning to the best of our ability, praying, and seeking advice from mentors on what steps to take. Does anything ever go as simply and smoothly as you think it should? No. Whether it’s putting together a shelf from IKEA, using iMovie ’09 or getting into a school and selling a house, it never goes as planned. Isn’t that Murphy’s Law or something? See, it’s scientifically proven, people. Then I think, well if it did all go as planned, that wouldn’t really make life very interesting.


Q: Have you heard from Duquesne yet?

A: No, we still have not heard from Duquesne. They promised us word by April 15th at the latest.

Q: Is your house still for sale?

A: Yes, our house is still up on the market. Check it: http://www.cbward.com/p/88/213278?

Q: What if no schools work out, what are you going to do? Where will you work, move to, etc?

A. Mostly we don’t know for sure. I will say that we are definitely open to any opportunity of school or job in the future that presents itself. We don’t have the luxury of ruling anything out at this point.

Side note: The mourning doves are back. Yay:) Well, dove. We think he or she is looking for it’s long lost mate, cause we think it died last year. 😦

Sorry I can’t give a more of a “hey here’s what’s new” or “what we’re doing” kind of post. If there could ever be clarity in the unknown, that is what we’re experiencing right now. We’re clear that we don’t know what will happen, but we’ll be taken care of. It sounds simple, but it feels more complicated than that. It’s hard. It’s not a ton of fun. Okay, it’s not fun at all. But I have felt deepened by it. The overwhelming support of all of you that are watching and waiting with us, has humbled us and filled us with a sense of community that I don’t think we would have had a chance to experience had this journey started and progressed as expected. I hope that these big steps of faith for us, maybe small to the world, might give Jesus the recognition for all the present and future victories we encounter- even the victories that come out of set-backs and dead-ends, closed doors and rejection. Those are probably the most beautiful victories, in the end.


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