Roadtrips: Park City, Utah 2001

The trip to Utah started at 8am sharp, and by that I mean 9, of course. It was July 18, 2001. We stayed at the  for a few days for the US Dry Bean Convention, then the rest of the trip trekked out on our own. We visited the Mormon Tabernacle, and the Sisters that gave us the tour were from Italy and were very friendly. I actually felt less pressure to convert than when they come to my door at home to visit!

We stopped by a missile display at a NASA facility. We visited Promontory Point, where the 1st transcontinental railroad was finished. Ate at a restaurant called Texas Red’s. Apparently it’s now Bandit’s Grill & Bar. I remember it being really yummy though.

We visited my dad’s friend Tim who lived in a beautiful house, and the highest house in the county, actually. They had a large stone fireplace with one of the rocks subtly carved into the shape of Utah. Or maybe it was naturally that way, I can’t remember. I do remember them telling us that they were renting out their basement to the 2002 Swedish Women’s Bobsled Team. I’m sure the men in the family liked that 🙂

Olympic Gate

After leaving Salt Lake City and Park City, we headed to Durango, Colorado in our Dodge Durango to meet our good friends the Allens. The night we arrived, we ate at Francisco’s Restaurant. In the morning we went with the Allens to the Gold Mine shafts in Silverton and panned for silver and gold and got a tour of the mines. Had a picnic lunch at San Juan National Park then headed back to Durango to shop. Got our old west photo taken, which was a lot more fun than the time in 4th grade we got it done. I was an awkward young girl with glasses. At least this time I was 17 and could pass as a decent saloon girl. 

And then we walked. These trips always have that in common. Lots of walking. They were having a downtown rodeo celebration thing put on by the local highschool, with music and dancing and food, so we ate dinner there with the locals. As I was walking along, I saw a quarter on the sidewalk. Being the cheapskate I am, and as one to never pass by a coin higher than a nickel, I picked it up. Or attempted to pick it up. Someone had stuck it to the ground with glue or gum or something, just to make fun of the jerk who tried to pick it up and wouldn’t be able to. Well that jerk was me. And I did it right in front of two cute boys. Where was the hole I could quickly crawl into? Where?

The next morning we were headed back East, and after hours of driving stopped in Abiliene, Kansas to stay in a motel. Soon we’d be back in ol’ A-Town.


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