The Past Uncovered: Inside My House, 1953

Amazingly, I got in touch with a great lady, whose parents, at the time she was born in 1949, lived in the upstairs apartment of her grandparents house. 57 years later, Jason and I would move in. She is still looking for more pictures of the inside of the house, but so far has given me some great ones, inside and out. I have put 1950s pictures beside or above pictures of the same location of the house in present day. So much of it has changed. Even the whole layout.

Since it used to be a duplex, both upstairs and downstairs looked very different. Our present day kitchen was a bedroom, and they would store their blankets in the window seat storage, where I know keep my non-everyday appliances. Our dining room was the kitchen/dining room (waiting and excited to get pictures of the 1950’s kitchen soon!), and there was another arch on the center wall in which you could go through to the grandparents bedroom (or, our kitchen!) It’s covered over now, with textured paneling.

The fun thing is, that where they have a picture hanging in between the arches, is where we have our “Barnhart” sampler hanging.

The front door is the same door that Marion E. Dunlap (the grandfather) installed. 

We knew their used to be a fireplace of some sort by the brick on the floor we found pulling up the carpet. This wall also has changed- it was one full wall in the 50s. Since then, the fireplace was removed and an arch cut out to gain access to the bottom of the 2nd staircase, leading to the upstairs apartment.

Another look at the 2nd arch in the living room that doesn’t exist anymore- our couch lies in front of it. Notice the heat grates remain the same!

She wrote me many interesting things, about the decor, etc. About how her grandma made the best bread, how her grandpa was the better cook though and he cooked great roast beef, how the “boys” would play pool in the basement and have a little Scotch, since they were Scots, of course! Just really interesting stuff to me. Of course this was all 30 plus years after it was first built, so they layout back then was probably still much different, because it didn’t start out as a duplex! 

Thanks to Sue, for the pictures and history of my house from the Dunlap Era, 1946-1972!


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