More of the Past Uncovered: The Outside of my House, 1950/51

So the outside has changed a bit as well. When the Dunlaps owned it, they improved on many things, since the house was then getting to be in it’s 30’s. The first two pictures show porch pillars (new brick to replace rotting wooden ones) and a chimney, all still untouched by paint. In the later photos from the next year(s)? they have been painted the white you see today. (Of course, I can tell from some of the peeling paint, it went through a few colors since then, but obviously back to white!)

This was a photo where our side patio is, then grass, gravel and a stone walkway, no paved over fully. Here, 4 generations of Dunlaps pose for a picture.

Below is a better picture of what our patio area looked like then and now. New awnings, paved over, and the stairs leading to the side door for the upstairs apartment are on the opposite side now! Interesting fact: The circular lid thing on the left lower part of the picture, was an inground trash bin that grandfather Dunlap had put in. His granddaughter shared with me that at the time you didn’t have to put trash on the curb, and that the trash men hated hoisting the can out of the hole every trash pick up day! Hahaha!

A view of the detached garage, where Sue used to play in her sandbox, with her Dad, Marion L. Dunlap.  I wish the car that was in the 1950s garage was still in there today!

The driveway view. Miles has ran on that driveway, but only not with a mini stroller for his baby doll. He doesn’t have a baby doll, trust me:)



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