The History of My House: The Sharr Family

In the 1930 census, a new family shows up in 252 Banning. Carl K., 28 and Velda B. Sharr, 21 and their little boy Richard, 3. In 1911, he lived on Banning with his father, G.M. who was a real estate agent and his mother Isa. In 1920 Carl lived just down the street in 105 Banning with his mother and sister. I’m assuming they were in the 105 house on Banning in 1911 too, but now his father had passed away. Now, grown up and married with a toddler, he worked as a Traffic Manager at the Stock Food Factory. The Ashland Directory at the time said he was employed by Hess & Clark. Not sure if that’s related. The directory has the family still at my house in 1935. There is a big gap until I find new owners in 1948, so not sure if Carl and Velda stayed in the house until then or not. I did find a senior picture from Ashland High School, 1945, of a Richard Sharr. I’m 99% sure it’s the Richard that grew up in my house. Or at least lived there when he was 3 to 8 years old. 


I found Richard! And his wife! And they still live in Ashland, right down the street from me! Well, down near the Hillcrest neighborhoods; I’ve walked Miles down there and back many times. I’m going to write him and see if I can visit sometime to see if he has pictures or memories of the house in the 30’s when he lived there as a little boy. This is so exciting to me!


2 thoughts on “The History of My House: The Sharr Family

  1. Leah says:

    Seriously this is so interesting to me. I wish we would have done it with the house I grew up in because it was ollld. Maybe I still should.

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