Beginning My Family Tree Heirloom Project

For a few years now I have tried to figure out the best way to go about this project I had in my head. It would take my love for art and love for genealogy and combine them somehow, and after I completed my own and worked out all the kinks, it might be something I could custom make for others and sell.

I wanted to have something we could keep in the family that would show who we were and where we came from, something Miles and a future sibling could fight over when we die. Just kidding, but it would be a cool thing to keep and pass down. I should leave a little space for future generations, but I only have so much space for a tree that is traced back to the early early 1700’s. some before. I’m going to keep it to my 3rd or 4th grandparents, though, so 7 or 8 generations. I have lots of pictures for many of them, but the ones I don’t have will get the ultra cool silhouette look.

I want to incorporate pictures of my ancestors, as well as finding tiny oval or rectangular frames to actually glue on top of them, then below each person, leave room to record their birth, marriage, death, occupation, other places they lived if I have that info from old censuses. I’m going to have to be really economical on how I use my space, especially when family tree charts get tighter as they go up, naturally.

This is a rough I started in Illustrator a while back, but my painting would include Jason’s side too, plus all the other info I want to add. Ugh. Sometimes I think, why do I do projects that overwhelm me from the start? I guess it’s a challenge. And it’s something I want to do, but I just want to get started. I need lots of uninterrupted hours though, something I don’t get a lot of being a mom.

Here’s my blank canvas and some scrapbooking paper that looked like old wallpaper I though, I want to use, as well as most of my wallet sized pictures of people. I was smart and photoshopped 4 pictures of faces on on 4″x6″ print, that way I didn’t have 8 actual wallets of everyone in the history of the Lawrentz/Barnhart family:) It saved me money too. I still have some pictures to find and print, but not many. Wish me luck on starting this beast!!


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