Home Is Where The Barnhart Is

Well, it’s official. Somewhere in between my relentless painting over scuff marks and chipped paint on walls and trim, and my sweeping, scrubbing and washing of floors yesterday, a For Sale sign was put up in our front yard. It means lots of things. My first reaction was that it looked bigger in person. It was almost like it was intruding on my property! Like I hadn’t asked for it to be put there. But it’s there, and it’s good. It means that things are becoming more real. We are making progress towards our goal. From now on our days will be filled with hoping to hear of offers, and Lord willing, quickly tidying up and cleaning every so often for someone to walk through our home. Open houses. I thought about having appetizers out and making a brochure about what their experience at Casa de Barnhart would be like-cozy and warm, 1st floor laundry, awesome kitchen, big driveway and garage, neighbors that will bring you dinner every other Wednesday; they need only to sign here on the dotted line…

It could work.

This has been our home for the last (almost) 5 years. Miles’ first home too. It’s “our” house now but someday it will be “our old house”. It’s been a good house, one where we have learned lots about each other and about people and about God. I hope the next owners will get to experience the joys that we did while we lived here. I try not to think about in-contract day too much, because I know I’ll get all weepy. This was our first house, but where ever Jason and Miles and I go together, as cheesy as it sounds, that is where my home will be.


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