I Like To Have My Ducks In A Row, But If They Are Just Near Each Other, That Works Too

Last night, after a nice coffee date with my friend Traci, Jason and I put all extra clutter in laundry baskets and began taking pictures of each room of our house. They’re not the greatest pictures of all time, nor is the subject Better Homes & Gardens worthy. I still was excited to take the pictures anyway. I think we have a cute house. I think it’s clean and fairly updated and decorated decently. We have an interesting feel to the decorating because it’s like Art Nouveau had a baby with John Deere, but it works. It’s us.

Tomorrow we will meet with our realtor and I would think within the next week or so, our house will be up for sale and listed. We are so out of control:) Which is good, it’s not meant to be in our hands anyway.

Meanwhile, we still wait for an acceptance letter to the schools Jason applied to. If you’re wondering, we have not received a rejection letter yet, either. Either one would be welcome, actually, just to narrow down our list. I’m excited to know, but I really don’t feel like either of us are anxious or worried about it. I think the only think I’m anxious to do is do my touch up paint around the house, wash the outsides of my windows and have my garage/moving sale. I’d do those things even if we weren’t selling the house (well, maybe not touching paint up), and I think I just want it to be Spring, so I can feel warm and get the cleaning bug out of my system.

I’m excited to tend to my flower gardens too. I must have looked crazy the other day, since it was last Friday, I think, I went out with my garden shears and trimmed back the dead hosta stems I never got to in the fall, and trimmed back a rose bush. In the snow, yes. I’m just itching to do yard work!!

Well, all of it, the important things and little things will become clear, and very soon, actually. For now, I will wait out the winter by playing with Miles and enjoying watching him develop his little personality. 


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