Inclement Weather, Historical Sites and a Crazy Amount of Walking: Roadtrips of my Childhood, Part I

Obviously there is Part I, because there are many consecutive roadtrips such as this one that my family took from 1992 on. We will skip Disney 1992 and Canada 1993 for now and move right to Fredericksburg, Virginia, 1994.

Below is a video that pretty much says it all. But I will warn you. It’s almost 20 minutes long. And 20 minutes in the mind of a Lawrentz is a scary 20 minutes. You may be trapped in some kind of twilight zone and never find your way back to your right mind. That’s just a warning. You were warned.

Ah, you bypassed the video, I see. Your loss. You don’t have 20 minutes to spare. Understandable.

I’ll just say that not only do you get to see a pair of glasses the size of Texas on my face, but my sisters give a 5 star performance, with memorable lines such as:

“I gotta pooooop!!!” to which my dad, continuing to hold the camera yells “MINDY!!!!!”,

and classics like:

Elizabeth: “Sam runned away from mom!” Dad: “What should we do to her?”  Elizabeth: “Kill her.”

and: Sam: “Elizabeth grambler'”

We still don’t know what that word means. You also get to see me stick 2 straws up my nose. Stellar.

This is just probably the best example to start of the series of family vacation recaps, since it encompasses just about all the elements of a good ol’ family vacation. Stopping at every historical site possible, mom and pop cafes, sibling dynamics, bad clothes and hair (it was ’94, lay off), threats of discipline, cameraman jokes, listening to tour guides and local people tell interesting stories to the adults, which equal boring stories to the kids, and us as little kids fighting, arguing, falling down, getting injured and whining. The subtleties are what rock about this video.

Some of my favorite memories are from the trips my family took together. Some were a week long, while one was 17 long days long. Count ’em: seventeen. You learn a lot about each other, when you are in the same hotel room, car, restaurant for a week plus straight. Some were centered around my dad’s business trips, actually most were, so we got to stay in some pretty cool places. Some of my favorites were the places we got to visit out west, particularly Montana. I’m lucky to married to a guy who shares my love of traveling, so I hope we keep doing it over the years!


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