My Mom’s Birthday

Well my mom got an awesome 50th birthday present- AU shut down for the first time in history. Ba Dum Ching! Okay, not the first time in history, but it’s pretty darn rare. So she got a day off work because of the Level 2 Snow Emergency and ice.

We had plans to go to The Cabin Restaurant this evening to celebrate, and the weather couldn’t hold us back. My dad also has a Durango and my sister has a mammoth Jeep, so the 8 of us trekked out to Mifflin without fear. After getting there, another party came in and lo and behold, it was my parents’ share group from church, there to make the party even more loud than a Lawrentz outing normally is! My mom begged my dad not to throw her a party, she didn’t want to draw a lot of attention to  “50”, so, dad being dad, he still did it, just a little lower key style. She loved it though, some close friends and her family.

Miles behaved himself and though we had chocolate cake waiting at home, we got dessert anyway. Creme brule for me. And Sam. And Elizabeth. We can’t say no. Mom had the Ultimate Brownie- that totally would have been my 2nd choice.

We got back to the Lawrentz ‘sted and she opened her gifts and we snacked on chocolate cake. They just got their treadmill fixed today, okay!! Don’t judge us! We are all going to get back to running on that thing pronto.

Mom’s gifts are probably strange but look at who she’s getting them from. Socks. Towels. Face, hand and bath. More socks. Bullets. A coffee carafe. A holster. Drinking glasses. (The 3 rd set of glasses for my mom in the last 2 years. People like to break them, I guess.)

I hope she enjoyed her birthday even though it was her 50th. I couldn’t be all that bad. She is an amazing woman, and has taught me a lot, as well as being an example of servanthood, kindness, responsibility and faith. She is truly a Proverbs 31 woman, and I can only hope to be as good as her as I grow into the woman I am to be.

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